Hair transplantation surgery is always hair spilled may not apply to patients . The best example of this , a physical injury or burn marks can be done to close the plantation .
A portion of the scalp can burn for a reason . Physical exposes an ugly image . This image can be done to resolve the plantation . Transferred to the skin , which burns the hair follicles of the scalp hides blight . One physical trauma that occurs in the scalp and hair transplantation surgery scars can be done to close . Hair transplantation is done to completely hide is not done to improve that area .
Above occur in the scalp, the hair of the reasons surely there is a limit . Completely burnt or deformed may not do hair on the scalp .
Hair transplantation can be made off with the very issues that need attention , hair transplantation of tissues in the region to do is live . Mean that burns tissue damage may be , but that does not mean dead . This type of hair made ​​to close the wound must do a thorough examination . The burn in the hair to close the detailed information from the patient's physician must be taken .