Moustache for many men an important place sahiptir.sayılamı far Depending on the cause of this section makes it may be no or sparse olabilir.böyl in a situation some men this a major problem , and recently developing and spreading have hair transplantation surgery hair and beard transplant continue with .
People have a mustache Whatever the reasons for each instance : Several diseases, accidents , burns , etc. some wrong practices . Moustache planting to be done.
Mustache upper lip hair follicle grafts of hair follicles in areas where there is very weak and weak character işlemidir.kıl roots in the region makes this may not be the case .
In such a case may be an image of ugly . Why is that dense bristles from the other regions . The absence or sparse hairs on the lip area to be planted in man's physical image bozmaktadır.günü conditions of our operations outside of the hair root occurs in non hairs are not concerned .
Which will be planted on the upper lip hairs to fall encoded lifetime is taken from the neck portion . ( FUE method) Hair as in hair follicles are opened individual bristles are placed individually into channels . As in the hair issues that need to be considered is the frequency of cultivation should not be very often , otherwise the roots planted roots will sağlayamı nutrition and development .
Çıkacaktır.bıyık mustache cultivation planted about 4-5 months just does not apply to corners innate burns and injuries to turn ugly image cultivation can be done easily .
Moustache planted area in the region gerekir.ekil not touch the water for about 24 hours for one week is normal to have red spots and pimples .
Among the questions asked are a lot of people planted Does prolonged mustache ?
Can I get a mustache razor planted ?
Two problems can extend the answer is yes as you want whenever you want you can cut.
Located directly on the face of men's beard is an aesthetic phenomenon .
People in adolescence beard are emerging slowly .
Kimi no deadlock in the beard ( corners )
If in the face at some wounds, disease , burns, beard because it is not .
People are uncomfortable with this situation , and if either situation beard cultivation is activated .
As in the hair mustache and beard hairs to be planted in October bought the nape region are taken from the person . This region has the best makers more precisely . ( Fua method)
Facial transplantation is not just a beard entirely to people who are suitable for people with a sparse beard .
FUE method with a beard in the process of cultivation is the same as the others .
Local anesthetic is administered to - neck region . And the individual hair follicles from the nape region are taken with the help of micromotor .
- Get into the hair follicles series of special solutions is performed.
- Facial region, which will be held October channels open. One thing to note here is I'm out of the beard according to the direction of the channel is opened . ( Beard direction of the outflow varies by region )
After opening - Channels hair roots are planted individually .
Find out 3 months of hairs are planted . To attain the desired view is required if the 8 -month period .
In this procedure done with the FUE method both in the donor area under cultivation in the area is definitely not a trace remains ..
What is your favorite October How ?
For some men, at least some of your favorite favorite has an important place .
The reason is not known exactly rarefaction may be the favorite in the loss .
In this region may not make or innate .
In short, regardless of the reason for these regions can be seeded . ( including burns and accidents )
Favorite transplantation is not an application made ​​too much .
As well as other sowing in October favorites process will be .
From the neck region of the hair follicle is taken with the help of micro-motors .
Region, which will be held in October with the help of apparatus channel opens .
Purchase of the individual hairs , is placed into the holes .
Such as 3 months after planting in the process ends at a time favorites will appear gradually in 7-8 months will attain the desired appearance .
Favorite cultivation is an application that is very rarely seen . Our structure is not implemented by the teams .
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