PRP ( Platetet Rich Plasma ) ,
PRP , " Platelet Rich Plasma -platelet enriched plasma treatment " is the abbreviated name of the called method of treatment .
This application from an individual, small amounts of blood in a special tube placed centrifuged after exposure to the components separation and the resulting small amount of " platelet- enriched plasma" s ( PRP ) , the same person by injection, to be returned is based .
Platelets - platelets or other name - the repair of damaged tissue in the body and are necessary to ensure the return to the natural state " growth factors" in the structure blood components are hosting .
In the event of any damage to our tissues , our blood platelets by collecting the tissue repair process starts,
PRP application of the above mentioned target tissue that can be transmitted by blood circulation is to give more than platelets ,
so that repair of the damaged tissue that starts up quickly and strongly , and results in faster , because the density of platelets obtained by PRP 2 to 4 times higher than in blood .
Implementation of the PRP Hair Mesotherapy :
Venous blood of patients suffering from hair before received 10 cc . So 1 cup of 1/10 's it.
White and red blood were then centrifuged blood is separated into two parts .
Red blood white blood cells , platelets , clotting factors and PGF ( Platelet Derived Growth Factor ) ' s are available. Treated red blood special or balding thinned region and are injected by the method napaj .
The basis of this application is based on tissue regeneration , and a total of 30 minutes.
During this time there is no any pain or track .
PRP treatment process :
Including a total of 3 months and once every month PrP treatment process is administered in a hospital setting .
Application of Hair Transplant Center in Gaziantep to be more persistent PrP hair after treatment to be administered once every year is sufficient.
Hair Mesotherapy :
Mezoterapi potentially reduces the need for hair transplantation is a treatment .
Applied to hair loss mesotherapy mesotherapy technique itself ladies from the geliştirilmiştir.he a positive effect on hair growth in both men again were observed.
What is Mesotherapy nor alternative medicine complementary medicine .
This application of pharmacological drugs that intradermal or subcutaneous injection is a technique of conventional medicine .
The purpose of the disease where settlement with the treated area is close to each other .
Selected mixtures of drugs, regional and special techniques in small doses special needles into the skin is given.
Dermis or subcutaneous tissue , microcirculation to reach the location of the active substance is released slowly becomes the reservoir region . Therefore, this is a regional-local treatment methods .
Mesotherapy scalp , stop hair loss , to improve the quality of existing hair and to activate new hair out at certain intervals is treatment that can be applied to the scalp .
Specialty cocktails are made with vitamin supplements , especially on the scalp and the blood circulation is improved in this area . Increased blood to the hair follicles and to help them develop better eating . This method is superior to other conventional drug therapy is the use of drugs in small doses regional .
Negligible risk of side effects is much less effective and the results are not .
Mesotherapy for hair growth of different nutrient ( biotin, hyaluronic acid and silica, etc.) , androgen blockers , and vasodilators are used .
Weeks after the first application of hair is observed to develop again , about six months after the spill areas and the revitalization of the normal structure replaced with hair .
Applications at regular intervals is necessary continuity .
The cases where the UTILITY MEZOTERAPİ :
Male pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia)
Get the traction ( pulling Optional) in loss
In alopecia areata ( ringworm)
Birth in the next loss
Some of scalp diseases ( psoriasis patient . , Lichens , such as seborrheic dermatitis ) is applied.
Males are more effective in the early stages of treatment .