Necessary Before Hair Transplant Operation
At least three days before the plantation advise you to use alcohol and cigarettes .
Hair transplantation one week before the aspirin and blood thinners are advised not to use drugs .
Hair transplantation one week before use for hair loss if you do not use lotion style products .
Hair transplantation .b average of 6-10 hours you sleep, so you get better .
Hair transplantation operation can wear comfortable clothes while you prefer.
Hair transplantation operation will be best for you to do before breakfast .. lunch or dinner can be enjoyed in hair transplantation operations .
Hair transplantation operation , take care to appointment time .
( Hair must certainly be done before the blood test )
Necessary After Hair Transplant Operation
1 week after hair transplantation will need to use drugs . Be careful not to use the drug .
Hair transplantation donor area after the operation ( donor area ) applied bandage removal and be cared for , please contact us . ( Hair transplantation is the day of step 2 )
One week after hair transplantation requires you to lay on your back while lying .
Protect against impact sown in hair transplantation Do not scratch the area .
Hair transplantation after about a month of hard exercise and swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna to stay away from the sea and the sun forthcoming is important for the health of your hair .
After Hair Transplant Process
Hair transplantation surgery within the first month after the transplanted hair will fall out.
At three months, the transplanted hair starts to grow in a visible way .
( This process in a person's hair roots and in relation to the physical form find 4 months . )
At six months , 60% of the transplanted hair will reach fullness Taking a look .
Eight months or a year will look completely natural .
How will heal Hair Day ?
Hair transplantation disappearance of redness in the healing of wounds on average 2 weeks.
In some people, it is seen that within ten days the wound healed .
Hair in my head from the Next Process How Much Should Protect ?
The first week is very important. Hair bumps and knocks the region must protect .
After Hair Transplant Hair Transplant How soon can I get it again ?
At least 6-7 at a time like pass the 2nd of hair transplantation where how much sown should be how much planting should be done a better way we can plan our and therefore of hair planted all and we are waiting .
Can I planted grew my hair ?
You are your own hair to the hair . If you made earlier in the same way care hair care and how to make and can take as long as you can extend the JoLe may extend as far as you can shorten as you want .
Hair at a later time after signing Can I shave my hair ?
You can shave your hair as you want, I do not mind the slightest . Hair transplantation is carried out by technical trail for Fei vs wound seams . There will be no such cases .
Hair Transplantation reported to be entitled to purchase only from the neck region are doing? Or in other regions of hairs Does Get ?
The neck area for us in the hair donor area and top quality is the most important .
Chest , back , or we get from other regions and high-quality .i never makes it all the hair at the nape of the neck to be a dense planting is important to have .
My father , my uncle and my uncle on my hair , my hair to spill spilled Mi ?
73% probability of loss of hair due to genetic factors is a high probability .
Nature And Which Is Best For Hair transplantation is Time ?
Hair transplantation is appropriate in all seasons .
The best time is the time that you specify .
But hair transplant after 1-2 weeks of operation and dusty environment from the harmful rays of the sun should be avoided .