What is FUE Technique ?
In medical language, briefly known as FUE . ( Follicular Unit Extraction)
All over the World and in Turkey the latest and best methods of hair transplantation Follicular Unit Extraction , which is when the hair when planting in both natural hair is hair transplantation method provides us with the best .
FUE method using the single taken from the neck region live hair roots ( Textures) received balding region, which is the process of transport of these tissues .
FUE donor area and the area under cultivation using scalpel and suture is not the case .
Why FUE hair transplantation ?
Fue technique in your head no scarring.
Fue hair transplant method is felt much less pain .
Fue hair transplant methods in the new and final method in the improvement in the area of ​​recruitment is an average of three to four days .
The planting area with Fua and purchases stitches in the region does not hit a scalpel .
The other one of the differences between the two methods is the use of postoperative medication . Fua methods used in medicine for a few days after the operation .
People in the opening session, if one is to be closed fue method is appropriate. Futuna techniques can not be done easily in the 2nd Session .
Fua made ​​purchases in the method nape of the neck is low bleeding rates .
Also fu is not only a method used in hair transplantation . Fue by the method of cultivation eyebrows , beard cultivation, mustache can be made.
Fua method makes the entire body not just from the neck region can be taken. But the neck region makes it ideal for hair transplantation is the best .
Fue hair transplant is a method of hair transplantation method last .
What are the advantages of FUE method ?
Fue hair in the method are taken individually are planted individually .
Hair transplantation people comfortably after a day in social life and business life can return to work .
Hair is made individually for purchase transactions in the donor area will heal very quickly .
In the area of ​​plantation and receiving absolutely no way in the area of scarring is not even mentioned .
Also known as the temporal region of the People's clumsy fue hair transplantation can be performed easily with the method .
Resulting from burns or surgical scars in patients who remain in the head area with FUE method of hair transplantation can be applied easily . People moved away from the ugly image that would be uncomfortable .
Are not sufficient to be received on the neck plate is uygulanmaktadır.çünk successful in individuals ;
FUE method using the chest, shoulder and leg hair transplantation can be taken .
With the FUE method not only from the neck region of the head, hair, hair purchases can be made that the entire region .
FUE method consists of three steps
The first stage ;
- Average 1 hour.
- First, be shaved off the hair on the nape is started with . Cause of hair follicles is to be taken one by one with micro-motors .
- Areas where the roots were removed and the area to be planted is drawn with the stylus .
- Neck portion of hair follicles to be taken locally ( jetoka the citanes , marcaine style) is performed with drugs to numb .
The second stage
- Average 3 - 4 hours.
- Doped portion of the neck with the help of micromotor hair follicles are taken one by one .
- Get your hair roots in a very comfortable way to count the terms of the roots of the hair after the completion of reception into the groups are put into a special solution .
Photos withdrawn will be delivered to you . (How many grafts was taken to document )
Before proceeding to step 3 and needed break from the rest is given to you . ( Food, etc.)
The third stage ;
- Average 3 - 4 hours.
- Hair transplantation is completely numbed the area to be made ​​. ( With local anesthesia )
- Get the hair on the nape of the grooving process is to be placed .
Grooving is the most important part of the process of hair transplantation .
We get at the root of the neck opening channels of hair transplantation is performed individually .
Grooving Procedure Why is it so important ?
- In terms of the transplanted hair follicles can be fed regularly received from the channel to be opened or thin hair should be thick .
- The most important aspect of the root canal of the person to place the pouring outlet side of the preceding sheet must be without .