The operations performed with the FUE technique is how long it takes?

This time, the number of roots to be transplanted, and the patient may vary depending on the hair structure. Transmitting a session, the average graft 1500 and 4000, and each lasts three to four hours per session.

To be operated with the FUE technique to shave my hair do I have?

Yes. However, the structure of hair in patients who are eligible to be too high if the number of roots in the form of strips of donor area is shaved and taken root on the hair immediately after the screening initiative seamlessly stored.

FUE procedure leaves a scar on the back of the scalp after me?

No, after FUE procedure even if the head shaving in the donor area can be seen with the naked eye can not remain any trace.

How long after the surgery can I return to work again in my life?

This is a decision we leave to our patients. Immediately after operation in the medical sense from where your work or social life, there is no objection to continue. At the donor site and crusting in the area of hair transplantation performed at Fast Forward to the implementation of the method will disappear in about eight to ten days

How much time do I make the sport after the operation?

Seven days after the operation, walking and light workouts, two weeks later you can continue where you left off on your fitness routine.

After the operation, the sea or the pool Can I enter?

20 days after the operation, you can enter the sea and the pool.

What is the recovery period after hair transplantation?

No matter which technique made ​​planting area appears red during a week due to thin crust. This redness is reduced fifth day. Loss of the shell from the tenth day of this region with eight fully restored. 
In an operation to be performed with the FUE technique of hair is supposed to hit zero number. This person tracks in the donor area for a week due to not participate in social life means. However, in patients with long hair, root to be taken if the number is too high, the donor area is shaved into strips and root on the hair immediately after the initiative taken by scanning seamlessly stored. In this way a return to social life can be made much faster.


Is FUE new initiatives, how long is it done?

In October of 2003 in New York City for the first time at a meeting of the World Association of Hair Restoration Surgery Dr. Rassman he F.O.X. FUE procedure named the first version of the method described. 
4000 with FUE technique of follicular unit transplantation can be done in one day. This number is a large bald areas of the scalp is an amount sufficient to make. This number can not be reached with only FUE FUT and FUE cases a patient using techniques years apart along two different operations, and thus blocked from passing to the patient and the time can be acquired.

Hair is to be administered there anyone?

Sufficient number of donors in the field of hair transplant applicable to people without roots. During the treatment of soft tissue diseases; hair thinning and bleeding, clotting problems too vague is not recommended for people with hair transplantation.

How to obtain the hair follicles are to be transported?

FUT method " Follicular Unit Transplantation " is the expansion of the term . Will be transported from the hair roots and scalp between the ears is taken in the form of a narrow strip ; After this process remains a thin scar will remain in the field of hair . Gaziantep Hair ' to be posted in each of the follicular unit is made ready for planting carefully separated under a microscope . Prepared each unit will be transferred to the new place is a graft .
FUE technique " Folicu Unit Extraction " is the expansion of the term . Radicals to be transmitted , individual follicular units is obtained by receiving a special tool . The punch used in this step 0.7 and 0.8 mm and does not stain the spots . This method in principle techniques used in the body of the bristles enables the subtracting . Removed one by one advantage of the method is not certain of the location of roots , that is scarring . If Disadvantages of hair after shaving , but zero number of attempts can be made ​​. FUT and FUE methods both hair roots are placed to a new location using the same technique .


Where is the source of the transplanted hair unit?

The source of the transplanted hair loss in the region between the two ears are programmed into the hair follicles.

More Sexual intercourse causes of hair loss?

Is not strictly true. The high rate of testosterone in males and has no effect on hair loss. In particular, the ratio of regular and healthy sex life and reduce the voltage with stress, regulate heartbeat and blood circulation accelerates Whether male or female because both are important for hair health.

Hair loss is genetic?

In fact, this is partly true, but to be told exactly is not true. 
A majority of hair loss in men is genetic. 
If you have a large family with hair problems we recommend that you take precautions against hair loss. 
(Hair Mesotherapy Treatment And PrP) in the world and in Turkey against hair loss are the most effective methods used. 
In fact, every human being to live a little bit of hair loss is normal.

Is hair loss hats and scarves to wear?

Contrary to common belief, our hair on your head is not oxygen from the air to get from the blood circulation in veins and is fed from. But to tie your hair too tightly cover your head with a hat or compress your blood circulation slows down.

Shaved hair to prevent hair loss?

Which cause hair scraped thin hair look thicker cut of the ends is that instead of new. This causes the hair to become more quality look. 
Another event that the ends of the hair when the hair scraped to the touch sharper coming to hissettirce hair thicker.

Hair transplantation and after the application goes through the process by which people first met when hair?

Approximately eight to ten days after the operation consists of a thin crust. These shells are washed every day all over again like dandruff when pouring a little more cleaned up completely disappeared after about eight to ten days. During this period, headgear and workable everyday life can be continued. Hair starts to grow in the first three months. Hair transplants can be reached in a year after the intended final appearance.

Bald hair transplantation done?

Makers in the region between two ears that area with enough hair healthy adult male is suitable for most of the plantation.

With the FUE technique of hair or beard cultivation done?

Yes, it can.

Eyebrow transplantation is, how is it performed?

Eyebrow transplantation , the donor area between two ears and the name taken from the field , healthy and genetically programmed to loss of life is the process of transplantation of hair follicles eyebrows .
This process , together with the patient's wishes plastic surgeon begins with deciding eyebrow shape . Afterwards, the patient is given a mild sedative and local anesthesia is applied in the area to be treated . Per application for one hour and after 24 hours of operation it is possible to take a bath .
Cultivated for four days after administration crusting and redness in the area light occurs. Cropland , at the end of six to seven days to completely recover . Planted to the full extent of the eyebrows takes three to six months . Mostly a second attempt necessarily, at the end of the sixth month of development evaluation and , if appropriate, a session is aimed to reach the desired results .
Eyebrow transplantation , is a process that requires expertise . Because of the angle and direction of eyebrow hairs in the scalp, is much different than that . The hair from the skin at an angle of 45 degrees , almost in parallel with the skin might be called eyebrows are located in superficiality . Roots in this region , with the nose perpendicular to the intersection ; eyebrows up face down in the following regions are facing up in the space . In the end, if they are combined into a single line at some point they will turn . The roots from the scalp , without a mark in the region after the procedure and on the skin to achieve a natural appearance to a very small extra thinned channel should be placed as follicular units . For all these reasons , new eyebrows should be shaped by an experienced physician .
Kas not have any complications that may occur in the planting process . However, it should be noted that the new space is that much faster than the hair of the eyebrows . Therefore, new eyebrows eyebrows after transplantation , especially in the first year will grow faster than their eyebrows . New eyebrows after the first year , they begin to adapt to the rhythm of elongation in the region .

Beard, mustache and sideburns What is cultivation?

What does it mean if healthy hair for women, for men hair and a mustache carries a similar meaning. However, the amount they want on the face of all men can not be beard and mustache. 
International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) made ​​in 2008, according to the statistics, especially with the increasing public knowledge about hair transplantation and in the neighboring countries Turkey beard and mustache transplant a 110 percent rise in demand was observed.

Why is poured beard or mustache?

Beard frequency, texture and quality make it completely located under genetic control. For three years after puberty beard hair thickens up the terminal and take the form unless a significant change in the levels of the male hormone whisker maintains this characteristic. 
Beard and mustache loss due to autoimmune diseases may also occur until the skin condition. Apart from these, the most severe hormonal imbalance can create the table. Male hormone testosterone in men is below the threshold level should be checked. Alopecia areata disease may be loss in the beard. 
New hair regrowth in balding areas through cosmetic or drug is not a cure yet. Beard and mustache are valid in this case. 
Solution for this is the beard and mustache.


Beard and mustache are made of and how it is carried out to whom?

Beard, mustache settled in basal levels of hormones that can be done from the age of 20-22 . Favorite wishing to extend their two-day beard beard wires irregular or incomplete image of the loving but this process is preferred for men .
Beard and mustache with no beard beard as non piecemeal healthy hairless regions , which can be applied to all men . With a scar area planting initiative is one of the most widely practiced .
Anyone with hair, beard - mustache transplant can be performed. Between the two ears finely stranded region just above the nape of the neck or ear surgery is performed by taking the top of the hair follicles .
Beard and mustache is the same as in hair transplantation FUE those who accept a haircut , hair FUT method to zero does not want to shave this initiative is implemented .
October day in the form of red bark, the skin heals after a week no one will attain old without a trace . Facial hair as in the same hair after transplantation or suffering no severe pain occurs.
Initiatives approximately eight to ten weeks after the results begin to appear . The area cultivated beard and mustache hair , beard and hair, ie the naked eye can not distinguish from each other . Results are natural and permanent