Hair Restoration Where is it done?

The place of hair transplantation practice by the Ministry of Health is essential that you have a license. 
According to the regulations set by the Ministry of Health Hospitals or Medical Centers plantation operations must be done in. 
Operations where they discuss thoroughly before deciding whether to make will be beneficial. Today, hair transplantation operation that places a lot of places are still available under the stairs. 
These types of places in terms of your health and the health of your hair transplantation in terms of being absolutely advise you to stay away. 
Is certainly room for surgery will be performed and the equipment used must be sterile single-use devices should be. (Each person separately) 
Operations carried out in a healthy way in terms of lighting in the room should not be an issue. 
Finally, the place that makes your hair transplantation even in hospitals and medical centers make sure that the protocol is input.