Micromotor What is it? (Fudan Motor)

As operasyonların diversity in plantation during the operation of some equipment and tools are used in one of those micro-motor apparatus , which is the latest technology used .
Micromotor in the taking of hair follicles at the nape of kullanılır.v does not leave the slightest trace .
Neck with the ends of your hair while retrieving the micromotor according to one's hair type fitted to the end . The diameter of this tip varies between 05 to 07 mm .
Hair from the nape of the micromotor during receiving end portions penetrates into the skin and hair of turning ensures easily .
Shoulder and chest hair is used in the handling of micro-motor apparatus .
Fua this device is known as an engine in a manual should be used by experienced and skilled .
Micromotor with an average of two to four hours of hair follicles varies intake .
Micromotor devices are made only FUE hair transplantation method .
The last method is applied in Turkey and in the world .