Hair with some information about

Percent of our hair 51.64 carbon , 20.83 percent percent oxygen, 18:15 percent percent nitrogen, so 6.40 is composed of hydrogen and sulfur in 5'i percent .
Our hair is also a little arsenic, magnesium, iron, as well as other metals and minerals.
In the period between the ages of 18-30 most of our hair grow faster is the period .
The average life of a normal hair varies from year to 4-5-6-7 .
Loss of 50-100 hairs a day is interference with the normal .
Our heads every 1 cm ² vary from person to person, but the wire has about 100-130 strands of hair .
The average thickness of a hair vary from person to person, but 0.02mm - 0.04mm ranges .
Vary from person to person, but in a human average 100,000 ( one hundred thousand ) include human hair .
Of people at the beginning of human hair hair color varies according to race .
Blonde human hair has an average 140,000 .
Brown Hair Shades are an average of 110,000 hairs .
Black haired people are in the average human hair 108000
Red -haired people are average 90,000 hairs .
The number of hair strands with a team of German dermatologists and has put this data medium .
A healthy individual's hair is 0.35 mm per day , per month may extend approximately 1 cm .
Throughout our lives we can have a baby in the womb hair is made at the sixth month .