How Anesthesia in Hair Transplantation?

Minded people to hair transplantation often This is one of the questions asked .
Hair transplant surgery is an operation with a local anesthetic . So only the head is numbed . Your state of consciousness will remain open.
No general anesthesia in hair transplantation surgery is negligible .
Usually performed with general anesthesia patients ' health as hair transplantation is another problem for the general anesthesia is preferred. As I noted earlier, there is almost no hair under general anesthesia . Therefore, almost all of the hair transplantation operation is performed with local anesthesia .
Two separate areas are anesthetized .
First, the region of hair follicles will be anesthetized .
This area agreement with the anesthetized patient is asked after the match if you purchase can be made of hair follicles micro motor .
The second process area to be anesthetized cultivation .
After anesthesia the patient again if asked agreement with the anesthesia process if the grooving process begins implement .
How long does the effect of local anesthesia ?
These vary from person to person, but usually it lasts 10-15 hours .
The effect of anesthesia after the operation the patient a feeling of emptiness in the head can age .
Here are some things to be considered . After the operation, patients get into his car and went down head shock is a very common event .
This in order to avoid similar incidents such situations people must be described .
The effect of anesthesia is expected to pass the next day completely .