Hair Types and Features

Normal Hair of the Structure and Properties
The thickness of the hair and oiling rate is normal levels . When hair is washed with such a structure will have a beautiful shine .
Structure and Properties of Dry Hair
Oil glands in your scalp hair to cover the body does not produce much oil the hair you'll have a dry hair . The hair dye , perm or taking styling hair with a blow dryer or drying may cause dry hair .
See in transactions of this type of hair loss is severe and will not hold moisture successfully . Seeing such operations are easily breakable hair , damaged hair , curable , can elektiriklen , spill.
Dry hair is usually seen in middle-aged people . Why üretecektir.güneş less fat than the body 's harmful rays and the chlorinated water in pools can dry the hair .
Structure and Properties of Thin Hair
Thin hair is usually less than the rate of poor görünür.saç wire . Hair usually does not have a fuller look . Thin and weak hair , chemical process ( straightening of the hair dye solution , etc.). Easier cases can be damaged more easily breakable and spill.
Structure and Properties of Oily Hair
The appearance of the hair and the body has come to a bad situation . Cause of severe scalp hair is stuck to . If your hair is very oily wash your benefits , we see every day .